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Saponara, M.[Massimiliano] Co Author Listing * Drag and Attitude Control for the Next Generation Gravity Mission

Saponara, S.[Sergio] Co Author Listing * Algorithmic and architectural design for real-time and power-efficient Retinex image/video processing
* ASIP-based reconfigurable architectures for power-efficient and real-time image/video processing
* Fast deep neural networks for image processing using posits and ARM scalable vector extension
* Guest editorial: special issue on algorithms and architectures for real-time image and video enhancement
* Hardware accelerator IP cores for real time Radar and camera-based ADAS
* Integrated video motion estimator with Retinex-like pre-processing for robust motion analysis in automotive scenarios: algorithmic and real-time architecture design
* Low-power DSP system for real-time correction of fish-eye cameras in automotive driver assistance applications
* multi-processor NoC-based architecture for real-time image/video enhancement, A
* Novel Arithmetics in Deep Neural Networks Signal Processing for Autonomous Driving: Challenges and Opportunities
* Radar-on-Chip/in-Package in Autonomous Driving Vehicles and Intelligent Transport Systems: Opportunities and Challenges
* Real-time and low-power processing of 3D direct/inverse discrete cosine transform for low-complexity video codec
* Special issue on algorithms and architectures for real-time multi-dimensional image processing
Includes: Saponara, S.[Sergio] Saponara, S.
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Saponari, L.[Luca] Co Author Listing * Multi-Temporal UAV Data and Object-Based Image Analysis (OBIA) for Estimation of Substrate Changes in a Post-Bleaching Scenario on a Maldivian Reef

Saponari, M. Co Author Listing * Detection of Xylella fastidiosa infection symptoms with airborne multispectral and thermal imagery: Assessing bandset reduction performance from hyperspectral analysis

Saponaro, M.[Mirko] Co Author Listing * Combining Interior Orientation Variables to Predict the Accuracy of Rpas-Sfm 3D Models
* Influence of Co-alignment Procedures on the Co-registration Accuracy Of Multi-Epoch SFM Points Clouds
* Influence of Spatial Resolution for Vegetation Indices' Extraction Using Visible Bands from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles' Orthomosaics Datasets
* Predicting the Accuracy of Photogrammetric 3d Reconstruction From Camera Calibration Parameters Through A Multivariate Statistical Approach
Includes: Saponaro, M.[Mirko] Saponaro, M.

Saponaro, P. Co Author Listing * CATS: A Color and Thermal Stereo Benchmark
* Concealed Target Detection with Fusion of Visible and Infrared
* DeepXScope: Segmenting Microscopy Images with a Deep Neural Network
* Densely Connected Stacked U-network for Filament Segmentation in Microscopy Images
* Estimating Physical Activity Intensity And Energy Expenditure Using Computer Vision On Videos
* Improving calibration of thermal stereo cameras using heated calibration board
* Material classification with thermal imagery
* Multimodal Stereo Vision For Reconstruction In The Presence Of Reflection
* Reconstruction of textureless regions using structure from motion and image-based interpolation
* Refractive stereo ray tracing for reconstructing underwater structures
* Three-dimensional segmentation of vesicular networks of fungal hyphae in macroscopic microscopy image stacks
* Towards Auto-calibration of Smart Phones Using Orientation Sensors
* Wildcat: In-The-Wild Color-And-Thermal Patch Comparison with Deep Residual Pseudo-Siamese Networks
Includes: Saponaro, P. Saponaro, P.[Philip]
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Saponas, S.[Scott] Co Author Listing * Menu-Match: Restaurant-Specific Food Logging from Images

Saponas, T.S. Co Author Listing * Novel Framework for Pulse Pressure Wave Analysis Using Persistent Homology, A

Saporta, A.[Antoine] Co Author Listing * Confidence Estimation via Auxiliary Models
* Delving Deep into Interpreting Neural Nets with Piece-Wise Affine Representation
* Multi-Head Distillation for Continual Unsupervised Domain Adaptation in Semantic Segmentation
* Multi-Target Adversarial Frameworks for Domain Adaptation in Semantic Segmentation
* Reve: Regularizing Deep Learning with Variational Entropy Bound
Includes: Saporta, A.[Antoine] Saporta, A.

Sapoukhina, N.[Natalia] Co Author Listing * On the Importance of Non-Gaussianity in Chlorophyll Fluorescence Imaging

Sapozhnikov, D.[Denis] Co Author Listing * Efficient Single-image Depth Estimation on Mobile Devices, Mobile Ai & Aim 2022 Challenge: Report

Sapozhnikova, E.[Elena] Co Author Listing * Hierarchical interestingness measures for association rules with generalization on both antecedent and consequent sides
* Multi-label classification and extracting predicted class hierarchies

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