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Sairam, K. Co Author Listing * Nonseparable Filters for Images in the Block DCT Domain

Sairam, M.V.S. Co Author Listing * exclusive-disjunction-based detection of neovascularisation using multi-scale CNN, An
* Robust retinal optic disc and optic cup segmentation via stationary wavelet transform and maximum vessel pixel sum
* semantic contour based segmentation of lungs from chest x-rays for the classification of tuberculosis using Na´ve Bayes classifier, A
Includes: Sairam, M.V.S. Sairam, M.V.S.[Metta Venkata Satya]

Saire, D.[Darwin] Co Author Listing * Documents Counterfeit Detection Through a Deep Learning Approach

Sairuni, N.[Nordiana] Co Author Listing * Design Framework for Sketch Based Technique in 3D Navigation of Cluttered Virtual Environment

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