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Romo Aguas, J.C.[Juan Carlos] Co Author Listing * Neovascularization Detection on Optic Disc Region Using Deep Learning
Includes: Romo Aguas, J.C.[Juan Carlos] Romo-Aguas, J.C.[Juan Carlos]

Romo Bucheli, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Grading Strategy for Nuclear Pleomorphism in Histopathological Breast Cancer Images Using a Bag of Features (BOF), A
Includes: Romo Bucheli, D.[David] Romo-Bucheli, D.[David]

Romo Leon, J.R.[Jose Raul] Co Author Listing * Analyzing Landscape Trends on Agriculture, Introduced Exotic Grasslands and Riparian Ecosystems in Arid Regions of Mexico
* Landscape Dynamics in an Iconic Watershed of Northwestern Mexico: Vegetation Condition Insights Using Landsat and PlanetScope Data
* Mapping Changes in Carbon Storage and Productivity Services Provided by Riparian Ecosystems of Semi-Arid Environments in Northwestern Mexico
* Variability of Chl a Concentration of Priority Marine Regions of the Northwest of Mexico
Includes: Romo Leon, J.R.[Jose Raul] Romo-Leon, J.R.[Jose Raul] Romo-León, J.R.[José Raúl]

Romoli, E. Co Author Listing * Lesson Learned On Monitoring Cultural Heritage At Risk Under Climate Changes: Strategy, Techniques and Results

Romoli, G. Co Author Listing * CAESAR Project for the ASI Space Weather Infrastructure, The

Romoli, L. Co Author Listing * Combined Approach for Channel Decorrelation in Stereo Acoustic Echo Cancellation Exploiting Time-Varying Frequency Shifting, A
* Intelligent Acoustic Interfaces With Multisensor Acquisition for Immersive Reproduction
* low latency implementation of a non-uniform partitioned convolution algorithm for room acoustic simulation, A
* Multichannel Double-Talk Detector based on Fundamental Frequency Estimation
Includes: Romoli, L. Romoli, L.[Laura]

Romon, P.[Pascal] Co Author Listing * Bijective Digitized Rigid Motions on Subsets of the Plane
* Bijective Rigid Motions of the 2D Cartesian Grid
* Bijectivity Certification of 3D Digitized Rotations
* Characterization of Bijective Digitized Rotations on the Hexagonal Grid
* Honeycomb Geometry: Rigid Motions on the Hexagonal Grid

Romoozi, E.[Elham] Co Author Listing * Measuring panoramic radiomorphometric indices for mandible bone using active shape model and Bayesian information criterion-support vector machine

Romoozi, M.[Morteza] Co Author Listing * Improvement of Connectivity in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks by Adding Static Nodes Based on a Realistic Mobility Model

Romor, J.[Jessica] Co Author Listing * Architectural Perspectives Survey

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