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Rohde, A.[Anika] Co Author Listing * Measurements and Modeling of Optical-Equivalent Snow Grain Sizes under Arctic Low-Sun Conditions

Rohde, G.K. Co Author Listing * adaptive bases algorithm for intensity-based nonrigid image registration, The
* Cancer diagnosis by nuclear morphometry using spatial information
* continuous linear optimal transport approach for pattern analysis in image datasets, A
* Edge feature enhancement approach using hilbert transform of Cauchy distribution and its applications
* Interpolation Artifacts in Sub-Pixel Image Registration
* Invariance encoding in sliced-Wasserstein space for image classification with limited training data
* Learning Energy-Based Models with Adversarial Training
* Linear Optimal Transportation Framework for Quantifying and Visualizing Variations in Sets of Images, A
* Optimal Transportation Approach for Nuclear Structure-Based Pathology, An
* Optimized Nonlinear Discriminant Analysis (ONDA) for Supervised Pixel Classification
* Radon Cumulative Distribution Transform and Its Application to Image Classification, The
* Sliced Wasserstein Distance for Learning Gaussian Mixture Models
* Sliced Wasserstein Kernels for Probability Distributions
* Texton analysis for mass classification in mammograms
* Time Delay Estimation Via Wasserstein Distance Minimization
* Transport-based single frame super resolution of very low resolution face images
* Transportation Lp Distance for Signal Analysis, A
Includes: Rohde, G.K. Rohde, G.K.[Gustavo K.] Rohde, G.K.[Gustavo Kunde]
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