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Rius, A. Co Author Listing * Assessment of Spaceborne GNSS-R Ocean Altimetry Performance Using CYGNSS Mission Raw Data
* Consolidating the Precision of Interferometric GNSS-R Ocean Altimetry Using Airborne Experimental Data
* Experimental Results of an X-Band PARIS Receiver Using Digital Satellite TV Opportunity Signals Scattered on the Sea Surface
* Experimental Validation of GNSS Interferometric Radio Occultation
* Exploration of Multi-Mission Spaceborne GNSS-R Raw IF Data Sets: Processing, Data Products and Potential Applications
* Feasibility of GNSS-R Ice Sheet Altimetry in Greenland Using TDS-1
* GNSS Signal Interference Classified by Means of a Supervised Learning Method Applied in the Time-Frequency Domain
* Impact of Inter-Modulation Components on Interferometric GNSS-Reflectometry, The
* Is Accurate Synoptic Altimetry Achievable by Means of Interferometric GNSS-R?
* Phase Altimetry With Dual Polarization GNSS-R Over Sea Ice
* Review of the CALIMAS Team Contributions to European Space Agency's Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity Mission Calibration and Validation
* Revisiting the GNSS-R Waveform Statistics and Its Impact on Altimetric Retrievals
* Sensitivity of PAZ LEO Polarimetric GNSS Radio-Occultation Experiment to Precipitation Events
* Software-Defined GNSS Reflectometry Recording Receiver with Wide-Bandwidth, Multi-Band Capability and Digital Beam-Forming, A
* Variational Retrievals of High Winds Using Uncalibrated CyGNSS Observables
Includes: Rius, A. Rius, A.[Antonio]
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Rius, I.[Ignasi] Co Author Listing * 3D Dynamic Model of Human Actions for Probabilistic Image Tracking, A
* 3D Human Motion Sequences Synchronization Using Dense Matching Algorithm
* Action Spaces for Efficient Bayesian Tracking of Human Motion
* Action-specific motion prior for efficient Bayesian 3D human body tracking
* Exploiting Spatio-temporal Constraints for Robust 2D Pose Tracking
* Hierarchical Eyelid and Face Tracking
* Probabilistic Image-Based Tracking: Improving Particle Filtering
* Robust Particle Filtering for Object Tracking
Includes: Rius, I.[Ignasi] Rius, I.
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Rius, J.M. Co Author Listing * On the Usage of GRECOSAR, an Orbital Polarimetric SAR Simulator of Complex Targets, to Vessel Classification Studies

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