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Rhinane, H.[Hassan] Co Author Listing * Effects of Urbanization and Seasonal Cycle on the Surface Urban Heat Island Patterns in the Coastal Growing Cities: A Case Study of Casablanca, Morocco
* Sentinel-MSI VNIR and SWIR Bands Sensitivity Analysis for Soil Salinity Discrimination in an Arid Landscape
* Validation and Comparison of Physical Models for Soil Salinity Mapping over an Arid Landscape Using Spectral Reflectance Measurements and Landsat-OLI Data
Includes: Rhinane, H.[Hassan] Rhinane, H.

Rhine, J.[Jeff] Co Author Listing * email: Rhine, J.[Jeff]: jar251 AT email psu edu

Rhinehart, N. Co Author Listing * First-Person Activity Forecasting from Video with Online Inverse Reinforcement Learning
* First-Person Activity Forecasting with Online Inverse Reinforcement Learning
* Generative Hybrid Representations for Activity Forecasting With No-Regret Learning
* Learning Action Maps of Large Environments via First-Person Vision
* PRECOG: PREdiction Conditioned on Goals in Visual Multi-Agent Settings
* r2p2: A ReparameteRized Pushforward Policy for Diverse, Precise Generative Path Forecasting
* S2Net: Stochastic Sequential Pointcloud Forecasting
Includes: Rhinehart, N. Rhinehart, N.[Nicholas]
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