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Renchin, T.[Tsolmon] Co Author Listing * Extreme Climate Event and Its Impact on Landscape Resilience in Gobi Region of Mongolia
* GIS-based Multi-criteria Analysis on Cropland Suitability In Bornuur Soum, Mongolia, A
* Inter-Comparison and Evaluation of the Global LAI Product (LAI3g) and the Regional LAI Product (GGRS-LAI) over the Area of Kazakhstan
* Spatial Distribution of Soil Moisture in Mongolia Using SMAP and MODIS Satellite Data: A Time Series Model (2010-2025)
Includes: Renchin, T.[Tsolmon] Renchin, T.

Rencker, L. Co Author Listing * RIP-Based Performance Guarantee of Covariance-Assisted Matching Pursuit, An

Rencova, M.[Magdalena] Co Author Listing * Construction of Fuzzy Relation by Closure Systems

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