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Razza, R.[Rachel] Co Author Listing * xR-Based Systems for Mindfulness Based Training in Clinical Settings

Razza, V. Co Author Listing * High-Altitude Wind Energy for Sustainable Marine Transportation

Razzaghi, P.[Parvin] Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Implicit Shape Modeling
* Learning spatial hierarchies of high-level features in deep neural network
* new fast approach to nonparametric scene parsing, A
* Parametric and nonparametric context models: A unified approach to scene parsing

Razzaghi, S.H. Co Author Listing * Secret image sharing based on cellular automata and steganography

Razzaghpour, M.[Mahdi] Co Author Listing * Context-aware target classification with hybrid Gaussian process prediction for cooperative vehicle safety systems

Razzak, I.[Imran] Co Author Listing * Blockchain-Based Emergency Message Transmission Protocol for Cooperative VANET, A
* DeepCog: A Trustworthy Deep Learning-Based Human Cognitive Privacy Framework in Industrial Policing
* Efficient skew detection and correction in scanned document images through clustering of probabilistic hough transforms
* Federated Intrusion Detection in Blockchain-Based Smart Transportation Systems
* Fine-Grained Access Control and Security Approach for Intelligent Vehicular Transport in 6G Communication System, A
* Intelligent Anomaly Detection of Trajectories for IoT Empowered Maritime Transportation Systems
* Progressive ShallowNet for large scale dynamic and spontaneous facial behaviour analysis in children
* Renewable Energy Re-Distribution via Multiscale IoT for 6G-Oriented Green Highway Management
* Secure and Intelligent Framework for Vehicle Health Monitoring Exploiting Big-Data Analytics, A
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Razzak, M.I. Co Author Listing * Microscopic Blood Smear Segmentation and Classification Using Deep Contour Aware CNN and Extreme Machine Learning
* optical character recognition of Urdu-like cursive scripts, The
Includes: Razzak, M.I. Razzak, M.I.[Muhammad Imran]

Razzak, M.T.[Muhammed T.] Co Author Listing * Multi-spectral multi-image super-resolution of Sentinel-2 with radiometric consistency losses and its effect on building delineation

Razzak, R.[Rehma] Co Author Listing * Deep Neural Networks for Detecting Real Emotions Using Biofeedback and Voice

Razzaq, S.[Shahid] Co Author Listing * Frameworks for multivariate m-mediods based modeling and classification in Euclidean and general feature spaces

Razzaque, A. Co Author Listing * adaptive digital image watermarking scheme with PSO, DWT and XFCM, An

Razzazi, F.[Farbod] Co Author Listing * Effect of delayed strokes on the recognition of online Farsi handwriting
* interpolation filter based on natural neighbor Galerkin method for salt and pepper noise restoration with adaptive size local filtering window, An
* Multi-stream 3D CNN structure for human action recognition trained by limited data
* Quantization-Unaware Double JPEG Compression Detection
* Semi-supervised domain adaptation for pedestrian detection in video surveillance based on maximum independence assumption
* Spatio-temporal 3D surface matching for hand gesture recognition using ICP algorithm
* structural post-processing method for enhancing intensity restoration of low-density impulse-noise for decision based filters, A
* Structure-based interpolation method for restoring the intensity of low-density impulse noise
* weakly supervised large margin domain adaptation method for isolated handwritten digit recognition, A
* writer adaptation method for isolated handwritten digit recognition based on Ensemble Projection of features, A
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Razzi, S. Co Author Listing * Topological Clustering of Maps Using a Genetic Algorithm

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