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Raykar, V. Co Author Listing * DeepSolarEye: Power Loss Prediction and Weakly Supervised Soiling Localization via Fully Convolutional Networks for Solar Panels
* Virtual audio system customization using visual matching of ear parameters

Raykar, V.C. Co Author Listing * Entropic Score to Rank Annotators for Crowdsourced Labeling Tasks, An
* Fast Algorithm for Learning a Ranking Function from Large-Scale Data Sets, A
* Learning Disentangled Multimodal Representations for the Fashion Domain
* Learning to Locate Cortical Bone in MRI
* Multimodal Tracking for Smart Videoconferencing and Video Surveillance
* Multiple Instance Learning Approach toward Optimal Classification of Pathology Slides, A
Includes: Raykar, V.C. Raykar, V.C.[Vikas C.]

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