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Rajko, S.[Stjepan] Co Author Listing * Autonomous Real-Time Model Building for Optical Motion Capture
* HMM parameter reduction for practical gesture recognition
* Human Movement Analysis for Interactive Dance
* Hybrid HMM/DPA Adaptive Gesture Recognition Method, A
* Real-Time Automatic Kinematic Model Building for Optical Motion Capture Using a Markov Random Field
* Real-time Gesture Recognition with Minimal Training Requirements and On-line Learning
* Real-Time Multi-view 3D Object Tracking in Cluttered Scenes
* View-invariant full-body gesture recognition from video
Includes: Rajko, S.[Stjepan] Rajko, S.[Stjephan]
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Rajkumar, J. Co Author Listing * Two Schemas for Online Character Recognition of Telugu Script Based on Support Vector Machines

Rajkumar, N.[Naresh] Co Author Listing * Going Further with Point Pair Features

Rajkumar, R. Co Author Listing * Tools and Methodologies for Autonomous Driving Systems

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