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Ra, D.Y.[Dong Yul] Co Author Listing * Dependency-based semantic role labeling using sequence labeling with a structural SVM
Includes: Ra, D.Y.[Dong Yul] Ra, D.Y.[Dong-Yul]

Ra, G.J.[Gun Ju] Co Author Listing * Analysis of serious games based on pedagogical features and proposal of civil defence training game
Includes: Ra, G.J.[Gun Ju] Ra, G.J.[Gun-Ju]

Ra, I.H.[In Ho] Co Author Listing * Comparative Study of IoT-Based Topology Maintenance Protocol in a Wireless Sensor Network for Structural Health Monitoring
Includes: Ra, I.H.[In Ho] Ra, I.H.[In-Ho]

Ra, J. Co Author Listing * Efficient Motion Estimation Using Edge-based Binary Block-matching and Refinement Based on Motion Vector Correlation

Ra, J.B.[Jong Beom] Co Author Listing * Automatic Shot Change Detection Algorithm Using Multi-stage Clustering for MPEG-Compressed Videos
* Blind Post-Processing for Ringing and Mosquito Artifact Reduction in Coded Videos
* Block motion estimation based on selective integral projections
* Block Poisson Method and its application to large scale image editing
* Block-Based Volume Rendering Scheme for the Spine Biopsy Simulator, A
* Cardiac Image Reconstruction via Nonlinear Motion Correction Based on Partial Angle Reconstructed Images
* Cardiac Motion Correction for Helical CT Scan With an Ordinary Pitch
* Contrast-Enhanced Fusion of Multisensor Images Using Subband-Decomposed Multiscale Retinex
* Deblocking Filter with Two Separate Modes in Block-Based Video Coding
* Development of Positron Emission Tomography With Wobbling and Zooming for High Sensitivity and High-Resolution Molecular Imaging
* Efficient block-based video encoder embedding a Wiener filter for noisy video sequences
* Efficient error localization and temporal concealment based on motion estimation of enlarged block
* Efficient Motion Vector Coding Scheme Based on Minimum Bitrate Prediction, An
* Efficient Video Down Conversion Algorithm Using Modified IDCT Basis Functions, An
* Example-Based Super-Resolution via Structure Analysis of Patches
* Fast exhaustive multi-resolution search algorithm based on clustering for efficient image retrieval
* Fast Motion Estimation Algorithm for MPEG-4 Shape Coding, A
* Fast motion estimation for shape coding in MPEG-4
* Fast Motion Estimation Robust to Random Motions Based on a Distance Prediction
* fast multi-resolution block matching algorithm and its LSI architecture for low bit-rate video coding, A
* fast multi-resolution block matching algorithm for motion estimation, A
* Fast Multi-Resolution Block Matching Algorithm for Multiple-Frame Motion Estimation, A
* fast multiresolution feature matching algorithm for exhaustive search in large image databases, A
* fast search algorithm for vector quantization using L2-norm pyramid of codewords, A
* Feedback Channel Based Error Compensation Method for Mobile Video Communications Using H.263 Standard, A
* Frame Rate Up Conversion Based on Variational Image Fusion
* Frame rate up conversion via image fusion based on variational approach
* Gamut-adaptive correction in color image processing
* Head Motion Correction Based on Filtered Backprojection in Helical CT Scanning
* Image enhancement in multi-resolution multi-sensor fusion
* improved block matching algorithm based on successive refinement of motion vector candidates, An
* Improved Video Object Tracking Algorithm Based on Motion Re-estimation, An
* Improvement on image transform coding by reducing interblock correlation
* Improvement on learning-based super-resolution by adopting residual information and patch reliability
* Improvement on optical flow based video deinterlacing by adopting Flow Vector And Intensity Reliabilities
* Infrared image enhancement based on an aligned high resolution visible image
* locally adaptive region growing algorithm for vascular segmentation, A
* Multi-Sensor Image Fusion Using Subband Decomposed Multiscale Retinex
* Multi-sensor image registration based on intensity and edge orientation information
* Multiple shell structured hypercube feature maps for vector quantization of images
* New Path Planning Algorithm for Maximizing Visibility in Computed Tomography Colonography, A
* New VLSI Architecture of a Hierarchical Motion Estimator for Low Bit-rate Video Coding, A
* Noninteger View Multiplexing for 3D Lenticular Display
* Novel Search Algorithm Based on L2-norm Pyramid of Codewords for Fast Vector Quantization Encoding, A
* Position estimation of moving liver lesion based on registration between 2D ultrasound and 4D MR images
* Post processing for blocking artifact reduction
* Post-Processing for Blocking Artifact Reduction Based on Inter-Block Correlation
* Rate-Constrained Fast Full-Search Algorithm Based on Block Sum Pyramid, A
* rearrangement algorithm of wavelet packet coefficients for zerotree coding, A
* Resolution Improvement of Infrared Images Using Visible Image Information
* Robust CCD and IR Image Registration Using Gradient-Based Statistical Information
* Robust learning-based super-resolution
* Semantic Video Object Tracking Algorithm Using Three-Step Boundary Refinement, A
* Semi-automatic Video Segmentation for Object Tracking
* Sub-Band Decomposed Multiscale Retinex with Space Varying Gain
* Texture enhancement for improving single-image super-resolution performance
* Three-Dimensional Blood Vessel Quantification via Centerline Deformation
Includes: Ra, J.B.[Jong Beom] Ra, J.B. Ra, J.B.[Jong B.]
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Ra, J.H. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Clustering Methods for MLP-based Speaker Verification

Ra, K. Co Author Listing * VirtualHome: Simulating Household Activities Via Programs

Ra, K.K. Co Author Listing * Decoupled Hybrid 360 Panoramic Stereo Video

Ra, M. Co Author Listing * Parallelized Tube Rearrangement Algorithm for Online Video Synopsis

Ra, R. Co Author Listing * Visual-to-speech conversion based on maximum likelihood estimation

Ra, S.W. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Isometry Transforms in Frequency Domain for Fast Fractal Encoding, An
* Efficient Disparity Estimation Algorithm for Stereoscopic Image Compression, An
* Performance improvement of the SPIHT coder
Includes: Ra, S.W. Ra, S.W.[Sung-Woong]

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