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Que, C.[Chengtao] Co Author Listing * RAF-AU Database: In-the-wild Facial Expressions with Subjective Emotion Judgement and Objective Au Annotations

Que, Q.[Qichao] Co Author Listing * Revisiting kernelized locality-sensitive hashing for improved large-scale image retrieval

Que, Q.C.[Qi Chao] Co Author Listing * Back to the Future: Radial Basis Function Network Revisited
Includes: Que, Q.C.[Qi Chao] Que, Q.C.[Qi-Chao]

Que, R. Co Author Listing * Algorithm Modeling of Ancient Architecture for Heritage Documentation

Que, X. Co Author Listing * EAAT: Environment-Aware Adaptive Transmission for Split-Screen Video Streaming
* QoE-Driven Cross-Layer Optimization for Wireless Dynamic Adaptive Streaming of Scalable Videos Over HTTP

Que, X.R.[Xi Rong] Co Author Listing * QoE-driven optimization for cloud-assisted DASH-based scalable interactive multiview video streaming over wireless network
Includes: Que, X.R.[Xi Rong] Que, X.R.[Xi-Rong]

Que, Y.[Yue] Co Author Listing * Attentive Composite Residual Network for Robust Rain Removal from Single Images
* Novel Pan-Sharpening Framework Based on Matting Model and Multiscale Transform, A
* Residual dense U-Net for abnormal exposure restoration from single images
* Robust Single-Image Super-Resolution Based on Adaptive Edge-Preserving Smoothing Regularization
* Technique for multi-focus image fusion based on fuzzy-adaptive pulse-coupled neural network
Includes: Que, Y.[Yue] Que, Y.

Que, Z.Z.[Zi Zheng] Co Author Listing * VoxelContext-Net: An Octree based Framework for Point Cloud Compression
Includes: Que, Z.Z.[Zi Zheng] Que, Z.Z.[Zi-Zheng]

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