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Qu, W.[Wen] Co Author Listing * Boundary points based scale invariant 3D point feature
* High angular resolution light field reconstruction with coded-aperture mask
* HMM-Based Motion Recognition System Using Segmented PCA
* Multi-object tracking via species based particle swarm optimization
* Multiple Object Tracking Via Species-Based Particle Swarm Optimization
* Multiple Targets Appearance Tracker Based on Object Interaction Models, A
* Real-Time Decentralized Articulated Motion Analysis and Object Tracking From Videos
* Real-time interactive multi-target tracking using kernel-based trackers
* Real-Time Interactively Distributed Multi-Object Tracking Using a Magnetic-Inertia Potential Model
* Robust Control-Based Object Tracking
* Robust Kernel-Based Tracking using Optimal Control
* Source Parameter Estimation of the 2009 Ms6.0 Yao'an Earthquake, Southern China, Using InSAR Observations
Includes: Qu, W.[Wen] Qu, W. Qu, W.[Wei]
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Qu, W.J.[Wei Jie] Co Author Listing * Rife Spectrum Estimation Algorithm Based on Phase Criterion
Includes: Qu, W.J.[Wei Jie] Qu, W.J.[Wei-Jie]

Qu, W.Y.[Wen Yu] Co Author Listing * ECDS: An effective shape signature using electrical charge distribution on the shape
* effective solution for trademark image retrieval by combining shape description and feature matching, An
* Low Transmission Overhead Framework of Mobile Visual Search Based on Vocabulary Decomposition, A
Includes: Qu, W.Y.[Wen Yu] Qu, W.Y.[Wen-Yu]

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