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Qu, H.[Hao] Co Author Listing * Action Recognition Using Space-Time Shape Difference Images
* Computational 3D reconstruction of FAR and big size objects using synthetic apeture integral imaging
* GenealogyVis: A System for Visual Analysis of Multidimensional Genealogical Data
* Hand gesture understanding by weakly-supervised fusing shallow/deep image attributes
* Novel Deep Learning-Based Collaborative Filtering Model for Recommendation System, A
* Shaking video synthesis for video stabilization performance assessment
* Sparse least mean p-power algorithms for channel estimation in the presence of impulsive noise
* Synthetic Learning: Learn From Distributed Asynchronized Discriminator GAN Without Sharing Medical Image Data
* VAIT: A Visual Analytics System for Metropolitan Transportation
* Video stabilization with L1-L2 optimization
Includes: Qu, H.[Hao] Qu, H.[Hongjia] Qu, H. Qu, H.[Huiyan] Qu, H.[Hui] Qu, H.[Hua]
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Qu, H.B.[Han Bing] Co Author Listing * Probabilistic Model for Robust Affine and Non-Rigid Point Set Matching
* RGB-D saliency detection under Bayesian framework
* Robust Point Set Matching under Variational Bayesian Framework
* Visual Saliency Detection for RGB-D Images with Generative Model
Includes: Qu, H.B.[Han Bing] Qu, H.B.[Han-Bing]

Qu, H.M.[Hua Min] Co Author Listing * Efficient Quality-Based Camera Path Planning Method for Volume Exploration, An
* Focus + Context Visualization with Animation
* Fusing Features in Direct Volume Rendered Images
* Multiscale and Hierarchical Feature Extraction Method for Terrestrial Laser Scanning Point Cloud Classification, A
* Perceptual Framework for Comparisons of Direct Volume Rendered Images, A
* Structure-Aware Global Optimization Method for Reconstructing 3-D Tree Models From Terrestrial Laser Scanning Data, A
* Viewpoint Selection for Angiographic Volume
* Visualization of Taxi Drivers' Income and Mobility Intelligence
* VoxelBars: An Informative Interface for Volume Visualization
Includes: Qu, H.M.[Hua Min] Qu, H.M.[Hua-Min]
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Qu, H.N.[Hai Ni] Co Author Listing * asymmetric classifier based on partial least squares, An
* Model selection for partial least squares based dimension reduction
Includes: Qu, H.N.[Hai Ni] Qu, H.N.[Hai-Ni]

Qu, H.Q.[Hong Quan] Co Author Listing * Dynamic Method to Estimate Source Emission Rate and Predict Contaminant Concentrations, A
Includes: Qu, H.Q.[Hong Quan] Qu, H.Q.[Hong-Quan]

Qu, H.S.[Hong Song] Co Author Listing * Variational Model for Sea Image Enhancement, A
Includes: Qu, H.S.[Hong Song] Qu, H.S.[Hong-Song]

Qu, H.Y.[Hui Yang] Co Author Listing * Kernel clustering-based discriminant analysis
* Learning Graphical Model for Human Motion Characterization Using Genetic Optimization
Includes: Qu, H.Y.[Hui Yang] Qu, H.Y.[Hui-Yang]

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