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Qu, G.[Ge] Co Author Listing * Estimating Land Development Time Lags in China Using DMSP/OLS Nighttime Light Image
* Extended OMP algorithm for sparse phase retrieval
* Necessary and Sufficient Convergence Conditions for Algebraic Image Reconstruction Algorithms
* Survey on Recent Advances in Vehicular Network Security, Trust, and Privacy, A
Includes: Qu, G.[Ge] Qu, G.[Gangrong] Qu, G.

Qu, G.R.[Gang Rong] Co Author Listing * thresholding algorithm for sparse recovery via Laplace norm, A
Includes: Qu, G.R.[Gang Rong] Qu, G.R.[Gang-Rong]

Qu, G.Y.[Gong Yuan] Co Author Listing * Detection and labeling of retinal vessels for longitudinal studies
* Wafer Defect Detection Using Directional Morphological Gradient Techniques
Includes: Qu, G.Y.[Gong Yuan] Qu, G.Y.[Gong-Yuan]

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