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Qi, Z. Co Author Listing * Automatic Road Crack Detection Using Random Structured Forests
* embedded implementation of CNN-based hand detection and orientation estimation algorithm, An
* Fuzzy c-means clustering based on weights and gene expression programming
* Light CNN based Method for Hand Detection and Orientation Estimation, A
* Novel Pose Estimation Algorithm Based on Points to Regions Correspondence, A
* Robust and Efficient Minutia-Based Fingerprint Matching Algorithm, A
* Support vector machine classifier with truncated pinball loss
* Time-Resolved Interventional Cardiac C-arm Cone-Beam CT: An Application of the PICCS Algorithm
Includes: Qi, Z. Qi, Z.[Zhi] Qi, Z.[Zhao] Qi, Z.[Zhen] Qi, Z.[Zhiquan]
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Qi, Z.F.[Zhan Feng] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Three Sediment Acoustic Models Using Bayesian Inversion and Model Selection Techniques, A
Includes: Qi, Z.F.[Zhan Feng] Qi, Z.F.[Zhan-Feng]

Qi, Z.H.[Zhan Hui] Co Author Listing * Ship Tracking Using Background Subtraction and Inter-Frame Correlation
Includes: Qi, Z.H.[Zhan Hui] Qi, Z.H.[Zhan-Hui]

Qi, Z.Q.[Zhi Quan] Co Author Listing * Constrained matrix factorization for semi-weakly learning with label proportions
* Nonparallel Support Vector Machines for Pattern Classification
* Robust twin support vector machine for pattern classification
Includes: Qi, Z.Q.[Zhi Quan] Qi, Z.Q.[Zhi-Quan]

Qi, Z.X.[Zhi Xin] Co Author Listing * crop phenology knowledge-based approach for monthly monitoring of construction land expansion using polarimetric synthetic aperture radar imagery, A
* Integration of Convolutional Neural Networks and Object-Based Post-Classification Refinement for Land Use and Land Cover Mapping with Optical and SAR Data
* Matching Algorithm for Detecting Land Use Changes Using Case-Based Reasoning, A
* three-component method for timely detection of land cover changes using polarimetric SAR images, A
Includes: Qi, Z.X.[Zhi Xin] Qi, Z.X.[Zhi-Xin]

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