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Qi, N. Co Author Listing * 2D nonlocal sparse representation for image denoising
* Combining Left and Right Irises for Personal Authentication
* Fluid-Structure Interaction Model of Human Mitral Valve within Left Ventricle
* Multi-Dimensional Sparse Models
* Single image super-resolution via 2D nonlocal sparse representation
* Tensor-Based Light Field Denoising by Integrating Super-Resolution
* TenSR: Multi-dimensional Tensor Sparse Representation
* Two dimensional analysis sparse model
Includes: Qi, N. Qi, N.[Ning] Qi, N.[Nan] Qi, N.[Na]
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Qi, N.M.[Nai Ming] Co Author Listing * Density Based Cluster Extension and Dominant Sets Clustering
* density-based enhancement to dominant sets clustering, A
* Dominant set and target clique extraction
* DSET: A robust clustering algorithm
* Evaluating Feature Combination in Object Classification
* Experimental study on dominant sets clustering
* experimental study on the universality of visual vocabularies, An
* Merging dominant sets and DBSCAN for robust clustering and image segmentation
* Real-time calibration of space zoom cameras based on fixed stars
* Robust Clustering Based on Dominant Sets
* Towards a Universal and Limited Visual Vocabulary
Includes: Qi, N.M.[Nai Ming] Qi, N.M.[Nai-Ming]
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Qi, N.X.[Nai Xin] Co Author Listing * Fast and robust homography estimation method with algebraic outlier rejection
* Fast proximal splitting algorithm for constrained TGV-regularised image restoration and reconstruction
Includes: Qi, N.X.[Nai Xin] Qi, N.X.[Nai-Xin]

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