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Qi, M. Co Author Listing * End-to-End Comparative Attention Networks for Person Re-Identification
* GPU-Based Algorithm for Building Stochastic Clustered-Dot Screens, A
* Image representation by harmonic transforms with parameters in SL(2,R)
* Image watermarking using polar harmonic transform with parameters in SL(2,R)
* Kernelized Relaxed Margin Components Analysis for Person Re-identification
* Linear discriminant projection embedding based on patches alignment
* Reducing noisy labels in weakly labeled data for visual sentiment analysis
* STC-GAN: Spatio-Temporally Coupled Generative Adversarial Networks for Predictive Scene Parsing
* structure-preserved local matching approach for face recognition, A
* Video-Based Person Re-Identification With Accumulative Motion Context
Includes: Qi, M. Qi, M.[Meng] Qi, M.[Min] Qi, M.[Miao]
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Qi, M.B.[Mei Bin] Co Author Listing * Neural Person Search Machines
* Segmentation method for medical image based on improved GrabCut
Includes: Qi, M.B.[Mei Bin] Qi, M.B.[Mei-Bin]

Qi, M.S.[Meng Shi] Co Author Listing * Attentive Relational Networks for Mapping Images to Scene Graphs
* DEEP-CSSR: Scene classification using category-specific salient region with deep features
* KE-GAN: Knowledge Embedded Generative Adversarial Networks for Semi-Supervised Scene Parsing
* stagNet: An Attentive Semantic RNN for Group Activity and Individual Action Recognition
* stagNet: An Attentive Semantic RNN for Group Activity Recognition
Includes: Qi, M.S.[Meng Shi] Qi, M.S.[Meng-Shi]

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