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Qi, D.[Di] Co Author Listing * Anomaly Explanation Using Metadata
* Pattern Recognition of Wood Defects Types Based on Hu Invariant Moments
* Predicting citywide crowd flows using deep spatio-temporal residual networks
* research of tree growth based on image vision theory, The
* Research on the optimal planning of the battery switch station for electric vehicles
* Semantic Analysis on Medical Images: A Case Study
Includes: Qi, D.[Di] Qi, D.[Dawei] Qi, D.[Dekang] Qi, D. Qi, D.[Da]

Qi, D.L.[Dong Lian] Co Author Listing * Vision-based crater and rock detection using a cascade decision forest
Includes: Qi, D.L.[Dong Lian] Qi, D.L.[Dong-Lian]

Qi, D.W.[Da Wei] Co Author Listing * Method for Nondestructive Testing of Blockboard Based on Morphological Double-Gradient Algorithm, A
Includes: Qi, D.W.[Da Wei] Qi, D.W.[Da-Wei]

Qi, D.X.[Dong Xu] Co Author Listing * EMD-based recognition method for Chinese fonts and styles, An
* Novel Digital Image Hiding Technology Based on Tangram and Conway's Game, A
Includes: Qi, D.X.[Dong Xu] Qi, D.X.[Dong-Xu]

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