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Pudi, V.[Vikram] Co Author Listing * FISH: a practical system for fast interactive image search in huge databases
* UACI: Uncertain associative classifier for object class identification in images
* Very large-scale integration architecture for video stabilisation and implementation on a field programmable gate array-based autonomous vehicle
Includes: Pudi, V.[Vikram] Pudi, V.

Pudil, P.[Pavel] Co Author Listing * email: Pudil, P.[Pavel]: pudil AT utia cas cz
* Adaptive floating search methods in feature selection
* Advances in the statistical methodology for the selection of image descriptors for visual pattern representation and classification
* Analysis of the Max-Min Approach to Feature Selection and Ordering, An
* Automatic Machine Learning of Decision Rules for Classification Problems in Image Analysis
* Boosting in probabilistic neural networks
* Color Texture Segmentation by Decomposition of Gaussian Mixture Model
* Conditional Mutual Information Based Feature Selection for Classification Task
* Divergence Based Feature-Selection for Multimodal Class Densities
* Dynamic Oscillating Search algorithm for feature selection
* Evaluation of the effectiveness of features selected by discriminant analysis methods
* Fast Branch & Bound Algorithms for Optimal Feature Selection
* Feature Selection Based on Divergence for Empirical Class Densities
* Feature Selection Based on the Approximation of Class Densities by Finite Mixtures of Special Type
* Feature selection toolbox
* Feature selection toolbox software package
* Flexible-Hybrid Sequential Floating Search in Statistical Feature Selection
* Floating Search Methods for Feature Selection with Nonmonotonic Criterion Functions
* Floating Search Methods in Feature-Selection
* gaussian mixture-based colour texture model, A
* Initializing Normal Mixtures of Densities
* Multi-Subset Selection for Keyword Extraction and Other Prototype Search Tasks Using Feature Selection Algorithms
* Multistage Pattern Recognition with Reject Option
* Multivariate Structural Bernoulli Mixtures for Recognition of Handwritten Numerals
* On Stopping Rules in Dependency-Aware Feature Ranking
* Oscillating Feature Subset Search Algorithm for Text Categorization
* Oscillating Search Algorithms for Feature Selection
* Probabilistic neural network playing and learning Tic-Tac-Toe
* Problem of Fragile Feature Subset Preference in Feature Selection Methods and a Proposal of Algorithmic Workaround, The
* Road Sign Classification using Laplace Kernel Classifier
* Simultaneous Learning of Decision Rules and Important Attributes for Classification Problems in Image-Analysis
* Subspace Approach to Texture Modelling by Using Gaussian Mixtures, A
Includes: Pudil, P.[Pavel] Pudil, P.
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