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Pu, J. Co Author Listing * Active Speaker Detection and Localization in Videos Using Low-Rank and Kernelized Sparsity
* Blind Audio-Visual Localization and Separation via Low-Rank and Sparsity
* Chrono-Gait Image: A Novel Temporal Template for Gait Recognition
* Comparison between AMSR2 Sea Ice Concentration Products and Pseudo-Ship Observations of the Arctic and Antarctic Sea Ice Edge on Cloud-Free Days
* Continuous Sign Language Recognition via Reinforcement Learning
* Discriminative Structured Feature Engineering for Macroscale Brain Connectomes
* egoPortray: Visual Exploration of Mobile Communication Signature from Egocentric Network Perspective
* Energy based fast event retrieval in video with temporal match kernel
* Extended Locality-Constrained Linear Self-Coding for Saliency Detection
* Human Identification Using Temporal Information Preserving Gait Template
* Improved Super-Resolution with Manifold Learning and Histogram Matching, An
* Interactive Super-Resolution through Neighbor Embedding
* Iterative Alignment Network for Continuous Sign Language Recognition
* Learning Multiviewpoint Context-Aware Representation for RGB-D Scene Classification
* Low-Resolution Gait Recognition
* Multi-data UAV Images for Large Scale Reconstruction of Buildings
* Neighbor embedding based super-resolution algorithm through edge detection and feature selection
* Salient object detection in complex scenes via D-S evidence theory based region classification
* Spatial-temporal traffic outlier detection by coupling road level of service
* VAIT: A Visual Analytics System for Metropolitan Transportation
* Which Looks Like Which: Exploring Inter-class Relationships in Fine-Grained Visual Categorization
* Zone2Vec: Distributed Representation Learning of Urban Zones
Includes: Pu, J. Pu, J.[Jian] Pu, J.[Jiansu] Pu, J.[Junfu] Pu, J.[Jiexin] Pu, J.[Juhua]
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Pu, J.F.[Jun Fu] Co Author Listing * Sign Language Recognition Based on Trajectory Modeling with HMMs
Includes: Pu, J.F.[Jun Fu] Pu, J.F.[Jun-Fu]

Pu, J.M.[Jia Meng] Co Author Listing * Multiview clustering based on Robust and Regularized Matrix Approximation
Includes: Pu, J.M.[Jia Meng] Pu, J.M.[Jia-Meng]

Pu, J.T.[Jian Tao] Co Author Listing * 3D model retrieval based on 2D slice similarity measurements
* Computational Geometry Approach to Automated Pulmonary Fissure Segmentation in CT Examinations, A
* Differential Geometric Approach to Automated Segmentation of Human Airway Tree, A
* Pulmonary Lobe Segmentation in CT Examinations Using Implicit Surface Fitting
* ShapeLab: A Unified Framework for 2D and 3D Shape Retrieval
* Simultaneous Segmentation and Bias Field Estimation Using Local Fitted Images
* Thickness histogram and statistical harmonic representation for 3D model retrieval
Includes: Pu, J.T.[Jian Tao] Pu, J.T.[Jian-Tao]
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Pu, J.X.[Jie Xin] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Kernel Based Tracking Using Mean-Shift
* Hybrid of extended locality-constrained linear coding and manifold ranking for salient object detection
* Multi-scale counting and difference representation for texture classification
* Scene classification-oriented saliency detection via the modularized prescription
* Structural difference histogram representation for texture image classification
* Texture Classification and Retrieval Using Shearlets and Linear Regression
Includes: Pu, J.X.[Jie Xin] Pu, J.X.[Jie-Xin]

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