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Prodanovic, D.[Dusan] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Image Velocimetry Techniques under Low Flow Conditions and High Seeding Densities Using Unmanned Aerial Systems, An
Includes: Prodanovic, D.[Dusan] Prodanovic, D.[Dušan]

Prodanovic, Z. Co Author Listing * High-Resolution X-Ray Phase-Contrast 3-D Imaging of Breast Tissue Specimens as a Possible Adjunct to Histopathology
* Imaging Breast Microcalcifications Using Dark-Field Signal in Propagation-Based Phase-Contrast Tomography

Prodhan, F.A.[Foyez Ahmed] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Drought Impact on Net Primary Productivity in the Terrestrial Ecosystems of Mongolia from 2003 to 2018
* Assimilation of Snowmelt Runoff Model (SRM) Using Satellite Remote Sensing Data in Budhi Gandaki River Basin, Nepal
* Deep Learning for Monitoring Agricultural Drought in South Asia Using Remote Sensing Data
* Geomorphic Approach for Identifying Flash Flood Potential Areas in the East Rapti River Basin of Nepal, A
* Surface Urban Heat Islands Dynamics in Response to LULC and Vegetation across South Asia (2000-2019)

Prodhon, C.[Caroline] Co Author Listing * Evolutionary Optimization for Plasmon-Assisted Lithography

Prodi, F. Co Author Listing * Experiencing Heritage Dynamic Through Visualization

Produit, T.[Timothee] Co Author Listing * Pose estimation of landscape images using DEM and orthophotos
* Toward Seamless Multiview Scene Analysis From Satellite to Street Level
Includes: Produit, T.[Timothee] Produit, T.

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