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Potu, B.[Brahmaji] Co Author Listing * Method and system in a data processing system for improved video image resolution when enlarging a video sequence

Potucek, I. Co Author Listing * Face tracking in meeting room scenarios using omnidirectional views

Potuckova, M.[Marketa] Co Author Listing * Automated Quality Control for Orthoimages and DEMs
* Eurosdr: The Pan-European Network For Mapping Agencies And Academia
* Seasonal Spectral Separability of Selected Grasses: Case Study From The Krkono'e Mts. Tundra Ecosystem
* Semantic Classification of Sandstone Landscape Point Cloud Based On Neighbourhood Features
* Use of UAV in Cadastral Mapping of the Czech Republic, The
Includes: Potuckova, M.[Marketa] Potucková, M.[Markéta] Potucková, M.

Potukuchi, D.M. Co Author Listing * novel approach for shape-based object recognition with curvelet transform, A
* Performance evaluation of incremental training method for face recognition using PCA

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