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Pop Stefanija, I.[Ivan] Co Author Listing * Mapping of Directional Ocean Wave Spectra in Hurricanes and Other Environments

Pop, A.[Alexandru] Co Author Listing * Rotation Invariant Graph Neural Network for 3D Point Clouds

Pop, A.M.[Ana Maria] Co Author Listing * Flash Flood Risk Assessment and Mitigation in Digital-Era Governance Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and GIS Spatial Analyses Case Study: Small River Basins
Includes: Pop, A.M.[Ana Maria] Pop, A.M.[Ana-Maria]

Pop, C.I.[Cristina Ioana] Co Author Listing * Fractional calculus in 13C separation column control
* Robustness evaluation of fractional order control for varying time delay processes
Includes: Pop, C.I.[Cristina Ioana] Pop, C.I.[Cristina-Ioana] Pop, C.I.[Cristina I.]

Pop, G.[Georgeta] Co Author Listing * Integrating Photogrametric Technologies and Geodetic Methods for 3D Modeling

Pop, I.[Ionel] Co Author Listing * Common Motion Map Based on Codebooks
* Incremental trajectory aggregation in video sequences
* Self-Calibration and Control of a PTZ Camera Based on a Spherical Mirror
* Utilizing Deep Object Detector for Video Surveillance Indexing and Retrieval

Pop, M.[Mihaela] Co Author Listing * 3D MRI-Based Cardiac Computer Model to Study Arrhytmia and Its In-vivo Experimental Validation, A
* Adjustment of Parameters in Ionic Models Using Optimal Control Problems
* Analysis of Activation-Recovery Intervals from Intra-cardiac Electrograms in a Pre-clinical Chronic Model of Myocardial Infarction
* Experimental Framework to Validate 3D Models of Cardiac Electrophysiology Via Optical Imaging and MRI, An
* In Vivo Parametric T1 Maps Correlate with Structural and Molecular Characteristics of Focal Fibrosis
* Numerical Method for the Optimal Adjustment of Parameters in Ionic Models Accounting for Restitution Properties, A
* Pipeline to Build and Test Robust 3D T1 Mapping-Based Heart Models for EP Interventions: Preliminary Results
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Pop, S.[Sorin] Co Author Listing * 3D Seismic Data Fusion and Filtering using a PDE-Based Approach
* Asymmetric anisotropic diffusion
* Image filtering using anisotropic structure tensor for cell membrane enhancement in 3D microscopy
* PDE-Based Approach for Image Fusion, A
* PDE-Based Approach to Three-Dimensional Seismic Data Fusion, A

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