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Pokrajac, D.[Dragoljub] Co Author Listing * Detecting and Recognizing Abandoned Objects in Crowded Environments
* Detecting changes in multilayered orthoimages with spatiotemporal texture blocks
* Localization of detected objects in multi-camera network
* Motion Detection Based on Local Variation of Spatiotemporal Texture
* People detection in low resolution infrared videos
* Texture Dissimilarity Measures for Background Change Detection
* Tracking motion objects in infrared videos
Includes: Pokrajac, D.[Dragoljub] Pokrajac, D.
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Pokrajac, D.D. Co Author Listing * Description and Characterization of a Novel Method for Partial Volume Simulation in Software Breast Phantoms

Pokrass, J.[Jonathan] Co Author Listing * Correspondence-Less Approach to Matching of Deformable Shapes, A

Pokric, B. Co Author Listing * Combining linear filtering and radial basis function networks for accurate profile recovery

Pokric, M. Co Author Listing * Bayesian and non-Bayesian probabilistic models for medical image analysis
* Noise Filtering and Testing Illustrated Using a Multi-Dimensional Partial Volume Model of MR Data
* Salient Motion Features for Video Quality Assessment

Pokropek, E.[Ernest] Co Author Listing * Recur, Attend or Convolve? On Whether Temporal Modeling Matters for Cross-Domain Robustness in Action Recognition

Pokrovsky, A. Co Author Listing * Deep Parametric Continuous Convolutional Neural Networks
* SBNet: Sparse Blocks Network for Fast Inference
Includes: Pokrovsky, A. Pokrovsky, A.[Andrei]

Pokrovsky, O.[Oleg] Co Author Listing * Land surface albedo retrieval via kernel-based BRDF modeling: I. Statistical inversion method and model comparison
* Land surface albedo retrieval via kernel-based BRDF modeling: II. An optimal design scheme for the angular sampling

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