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Plasberg, G.[Georg] Co Author Listing * Apparatus and a method for the detection of objects

Plasencia Calana, Y.[Yenisel] Co Author Listing * Compact Representation of Multiscale Dissimilarity Data by Prototype Selection, A
* Dissimilarity Representations Based on Multi-Block LBP for Face Detection
* Face Composite Sketch Recognition by BoVW-Based Discriminative Representations
* Facial Landmarks Detection Using Extended Profile LBP-Based Active Shape Models
* Metric Learning in the Dissimilarity Space to Improve Low-Resolution Face Recognition
* On the Use of Pre-trained Neural Networks for Different Face Recognition Tasks
* On Using Asymmetry Information for Classification in Extended Dissimilarity Spaces
* Prototype Selection for Dissimilarity Representation by a Genetic Algorithm
* Towards Cluster-Based Prototype Sets for Classification in the Dissimilarity Space
* Towards Scalable Prototype Selection by Genetic Algorithms with Fast Criteria
Includes: Plasencia Calana, Y.[Yenisel] Plasencia-Calaņa, Y.[Yenisel]
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Plasencia, Y.[Yenisel] Co Author Listing * Face Recognition with LWIR Imagery Using Local Binary Patterns
* Study on Representations for Face Recognition from Thermal Images, A

Plaskowski, A.B. Co Author Listing * tomographic flow imaging system based on capacitance measuring techniques, A

Plassard, T. Co Author Listing * Musip Multi-Sensor Image Processing System

Plassmann, P. Co Author Listing * active contour model for measuring the area of leg ulcers, An
* Near real-time point cloud processing using the PCL

Plastria, F.[Frank] Co Author Listing * Non-hierarchical clustering with MASLOC
* Two hierarchies associated with each clustering scheme

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