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Pi, X.[Xiyu] Co Author Listing * Application of Thermocouple Thermometry and Bundle Tube Monitoring in Fire Prevention and Extinguishing in Coal Mine
* Radar Sounding Through the Earth's Ionosphere at 45 MHz
Includes: Pi, X.[Xiyu] Pi, X.

Pi, X.B.[Xiao Bo] Co Author Listing * audio-visual speaker identification using coupled hidden Markov models, A
* Dynamic Bayesian Networks for Audio-Visual Speech Recognition
Includes: Pi, X.B.[Xiao Bo] Pi, X.B.[Xiao-Bo]

Pi, X.Q.[Xiao Qing] Co Author Listing * Ionospheric effects on SAR imaging: a numerical study
Includes: Pi, X.Q.[Xiao Qing] Pi, X.Q.[Xiao-Qing]

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