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Pail, R.[Roland] Co Author Listing * Gravity Field Recovery Using High-Precision, High-Low Inter-Satellite Links
* Precise Three-Dimensional Stereo Localization of Corner Reflectors and Persistent Scatterers With TerraSAR-X
Includes: Pail, R.[Roland] Pail, R.

Pailhes, L.M. Co Author Listing * Displacement Vector Field Computation by Temporal Covariance Model

Pailles, J.C.[Jean Claude] Co Author Listing * Robust Audio Fingerprint's Based Identification Method, A
Includes: Pailles, J.C.[Jean Claude] Pailles, J.C.[Jean-Claude]

Paillet, P.[Pierrick] Co Author Listing * IMM-Based Tracking and Latency Control with Off-the-Shelf IP PTZ Camera

Pailloncy, J.G.[Jean Gerard] Co Author Listing * Object Matching on Irregular Pyramid
Includes: Pailloncy, J.G.[Jean Gerard] Pailloncy, J.G.[Jean-Gerard]

Paillou, P. Co Author Listing * Chott El Djerid, Tunisia: Observation and Discussion of a SAR Phase Signature Over Evaporitic Soils, The
* Non-Antisymmetrical Edge Profile Detection
* PolInSAR Analysis of X-Band Data Over Vegetated and Urban Areas
* Relationship between profile length and roughness variables for natural surfaces
* Relief Reconstruction from SAR Stereo Pairs: The Optimal Gradient Matching Method
* Subsurface imaging in south-central Egypt using low-frequency radar: Bir Safsaf revisited
* Trinocular Stereovision by Generalized Hough Transform
Includes: Paillou, P. Paillou, P.[Philippe]
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