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Ozolek, J.A.[John A.] Co Author Listing * Automated colitis detection from endoscopic biopsies as a tissue screening tool in diagnostic pathology
* Automated Histology Analysis: Opportunities for signal processing
* Cancer diagnosis by nuclear morphometry using spatial information
* continuous linear optimal transport approach for pattern analysis in image datasets, A
* Images as Occlusions of Textures: A Framework for Segmentation
* Linear Optimal Transportation Framework for Quantifying and Visualizing Variations in Sets of Images, A
* Optimal Transportation Approach for Nuclear Structure-Based Pathology, An
Includes: Ozolek, J.A.[John A.] Ozolek, J.A.
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Ozols, J. Co Author Listing * Fuzzy classification based on pattern projections analysis

Ozols, K.[Kaspars] Co Author Listing * Perturbation-based methods for explaining deep neural networks: A survey

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