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Ozbek, A. Co Author Listing * Compressed Optoacoustic Sensing of Volumetric Cardiac Motion
* Dual-Mode Volumetric Optoacoustic and Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound Imaging With Spherical Matrix Arrays
* LightSpeed: A Compact, High-Speed Optical-Link-Based 3D Optoacoustic Imager
* Universal Real-Time Adaptive Signal Compression for High-Frame-Rate Optoacoustic Tomography
* Volumetric Real-Time Tracking of Peripheral Human Vasculature With GPU-Accelerated Three-Dimensional Optoacoustic Tomography
Includes: Ozbek, A. Özbek, A. (Maybe also Oezbek, A.)Özbek, A.[Ali] (Maybe also Oezbek, A.)

Ozbek, B.[Berna] Co Author Listing * Multi-Helper NOMA for Cooperative Mobile Edge Computing
* Resilience of Massive MIMO PNC to Jamming Attacks in Vehicular Networks, The
Includes: Ozbek, B.[Berna] Özbek, B.[Berna] (Maybe also Oezbek, B.)

Ozbek, E.D.[E. Demir] Co Author Listing * 3d Geo-information Requirements For Disaster And Emergency Management
* Establishing A National 3d Geo-data Model For Building Data Compliant To Citygml: Case Of Turkey
* Using Geo-Data Corporately on the Response Phase of Emergency Management

Ozbek, N.[Nukhet] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Streaming of Scalable Stereoscopic Video Over DCCP
* Fast H.264/AVC Video Encoding with Multiple Frame References
* Inter-View Rate Allocation Using Efficient Layer Extraction for Stereo Video Streaming Over IP
* Interactive quality assessment for asymmetric coding of 3D video
* Optimal inter-view rate allocation for multi-view video plus depth over MPEG-DASH using QoE measures and paired comparison
* Quality of experience measurement of compressed multi-view video
* Rate adaptive video streaming under lossy network conditions
* Rate-visual-distortion optimized extraction with Quality Layers for scalable coding of stereo videos
* SSIM-based adaptation for DASH with SVC in mobile networks
* Time-efficient subjective testing methodology for 3D video quality assessment
* Viterbi-like joint optimization of stereo extraction for on-line rate adaptation in scalable multiview video coding
Includes: Ozbek, N.[Nukhet] Ozbek, N. Özbek, N.[Nükhet] (Maybe also Oezbek, N.)Özbek, N. (Maybe also Oezbek, N.)
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Ozbekler, T.M. Co Author Listing * Last Mile Logistics In the Framework of Smart Cities: A Typology Of City Logistics Schemes
Includes: Ozbekler, T.M. Özbekler, T.M. (Maybe also Oezbekler, T.M.)

Ozbey, M.[Muzaffer] Co Author Listing * Federated Learning of Generative Image Priors for MRI Reconstruction
* Semi-Supervised Learning of MRI Synthesis Without Fully-Sampled Ground Truths
* Unsupervised Medical Image Translation With Adversarial Diffusion Models
* Unsupervised MRI Reconstruction via Zero-Shot Learned Adversarial Transformers
Includes: Ozbey, M.[Muzaffer] Özbey, M.[Muzaffer] (Maybe also Oezbey, M.)

Ozbeyaz, A.[Abdurrahman] Co Author Listing * Familiar/unfamiliar face classification from EEG signals by utilizing pairwise distant channels and distinctive time interval
Includes: Ozbeyaz, A.[Abdurrahman] Özbeyaz, A.[Abdurrahman] (Maybe also Oezbeyaz, A.)

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