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Owechko, Y.[Yuri] Co Author Listing * 2D/3D Sensor Exploitation and Fusion for Enhanced Object Detection
* Classifier Swarms for Human Detection in Infrared Imagery
* Frame Rate Fusion and Upsampling of EO/LIDAR Data for Multiple Platforms
* Manifold-based fingerprinting for target identification
* Monocular Rear-View Obstacle Detection Using Residual Flow
* Multi-object detection and behavior recognition from motion 3D data
* Multi-View Classifier Swarms for Pedestrian Detection and Tracking
* Strip Histogram Grid for efficient LIDAR segmentation from urban environments
* Swarm-Based Volition/Attention Framework for Object Recognition, A
* Zero Shot Learning via Multi-scale Manifold Regularization
Includes: Owechko, Y.[Yuri] Owechko, Y.
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