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Oussaid, I.[Ismail] Co Author Listing * Information Extraction from Visually Rich Documents with Font Style Embeddings

Oussalah, M.[Mourad] Co Author Listing * Ai Explainability. A Bridge Between Machine Vision and Natural Language Processing
* Bone microarchitecture characterization based on fractal analysis in spatial frequency domain imaging
* Collaborative Tracking for Multiple Objects in the Presence of Inter-Occlusions
* Content Based Image Retrieval: Review of State of Art and Future Directions
* Explainability for Medical Image Captioning
* Fall detection using body geometry and human pose estimation in video sequences
* Fuzzy emotion recognition model for video sequences
* Impact of Quality Of Images On Users Behavior On Social Media
* Object tracking using level set and MPEG 7 color features
* Patch-Based Discriminative Learning for Remote Sensing Scene Classification
* Reconciling Image Captioning and User's Comments for Urban Tourism
* Robust model adaptation for tracking with online weighted color and shape feature
* Robust model adaption for colour-based particle filter tracking with contextual information
* Self-Supervised Face Presentation Attack Detection with Dynamic Grayscale Snippets
* Special session on variational approaches in image processing (VAIP)
Includes: Oussalah, M.[Mourad] Oussalah, M.
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Oussar, A.[Abdelatif] Co Author Listing * Fuzzy UV-disparity based approach for obstacles avoidance, A

Oussidi, A. Co Author Listing * Deep generative models: Survey

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