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Oudot, B. Co Author Listing * Optical Recognition of Chemical Graphics

Oudot, L.[Loic] Co Author Listing * Combining model-based and discriminative classifiers: Application to handwritten character recognition
* Dynamic recognition in the omni-writer frame: Application to hand-printed text recognition
* Hybrid generative/discriminative classifier for unconstrained character recognition
* Self-supervised adaptation for on-line script text recognition
* Self-supervised writer adaptation using perceptive concepts: application to on-line text recognition
Includes: Oudot, L.[Loic] Oudot, L.[Loc] Oudot, L.

Oudot, S.[Steve] Co Author Listing * Effective Condition for Sampling Surfaces with Guarantees, An
* fuzzy clustering algorithm for the mode-seeking framework, A
* Meshing Volumes Bounded by Smooth Surfaces
* Persistence-Based Pooling for Shape Pose Recognition

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