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Ouda, A.H.[Abdelkader H.] Co Author Listing * Localization and Security Enhancement of Block-based Image Authentication
* Practical Version of Wong's Watermarking Technique, A
* Secure and Localizing Watermarking Technique for Image Authentication, A
* Step Towards Practical Steganography Systems, A
Includes: Ouda, A.H.[Abdelkader H.] Ouda, A.H.

Ouda, O.[Osama] Co Author Listing * Cancelable Biometrics Vault: A Secure Key-Binding Biometric Cryptosystem based on Chaffing and Winnowing
* Improvement and Evaluation of Real-Time Tone Mapping for High Dynamic Range Images Using Gaze Information
* Robust cancellable biometrics scheme based on neural networks
* Subjective Evaluation of Specular Appearance for Multiple Observations Using Projector-Based Appearance Reproduction
* Tokenless Cancelable Biometrics Scheme for Protecting Iris Codes
Includes: Ouda, O.[Osama] Ouda, O.

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