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Ornhag, M.V.[Marcus Valtonen] Co Author Listing * Accelerating AI using next-generation hardware: Possibilities and challenges with analog in-memory computing
* Accurate Optimization of Weighted Nuclear Norm for Non-rigid Structure from Motion
* Bilinear Parameterization For Differentiable Rank-Regularization
* Bilinear Parameterization for Non-Separable Singular Value Penalties
* Efficient Real-Time Radial Distortion Correction for UAVs
* Minimal Solvers for Indoor UAV Positioning
* Trust Your IMU: Consequences of Ignoring the IMU Drift
Includes: Ornhag, M.V.[Marcus Valtonen] Írnhag, M.V.[Marcus Valtonen] (Maybe also Oernhag, M.V.)Írnhag, M.V. (Maybe also Oernhag, M.V.)
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