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Orabona, F.[Francesco] Co Author Listing * Calibration from Statistical Properties of the Visual World
* Discrete camera calibration from pixel streams
* Discrete camera calibration from the information distance between pixel streams
* Discriminative cue integration for medical image annotation
* From N to N+1: Multiclass Transfer Incremental Learning
* Indoor Place Recognition using Online Independent Support Vector Machines
* Learning Association Fields from Natural Images
* Learning Categories From Few Examples With Multi Model Knowledge Transfer
* Leveraging over prior knowledge for online learning of visual categories
* Object-based Visual Attention: a Model for a Behaving Robot
* OM-2: An online multi-class Multi-Kernel Learning algorithm
* On-line independent support vector machines
* Online Framework for Learning Novel Concepts over Multiple Cues, An
* Online-batch strongly convex Multi Kernel Learning
* Safety in numbers: Learning categories from few examples with multi model knowledge transfer
* Scalable greedy algorithms for transfer learning
* Transfer Learning Through Greedy Subset Selection
Includes: Orabona, F.[Francesco] Orabona, F.
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