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Omer, A.E.[Ala Eldin] Co Author Listing * Blood Glucose Level Monitoring Using an FMCW Millimeter-Wave Radar Sensor

Omer, G.[Galal] Co Author Listing * Empirical Prediction of Leaf Area Index (LAI) of Endangered Tree Species in Intact and Fragmented Indigenous Forests Ecosystems Using WorldView-2 Data and Two Robust Machine Learning Algorithms
* Mapping leaf nitrogen and carbon concentrations of intact and fragmented indigenous forest ecosystems using empirical modeling techniques and WorldView-2 data

Omer, H.[Hammad] Co Author Listing * modified POCS-based reconstruction method for compressively sampled MR imaging, A

Omer, I.[Ido] Co Author Listing * Bottleneck Geodesic: Computing Pixel Affinity, The
* Color Lines: Image Specific Color Representation.
* Image Specific Feature Similarities
* Linear Clutter Removal from Urban Panoramas
* Using natural image properties as demosaicing hints
Includes: Omer, I.[Ido] Omer, I.

Omer, J. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Mixed-Integer Linear Models for Fuel-Optimal Air Conflict Resolution With Recovery
* Hybridization of Nonlinear and Mixed-Integer Linear Programming for Aircraft Separation With Trajectory Recovery

Omer, O.A.[Osama A.] Co Author Listing * Demosaicking Based on Optimization and Projection in Different Frequency Bands
* Efficient Resolution Enhancement Algorithm for Compressive Sensing Magnetic Resonance Image Reconstruction
* Region-Based Super Resolution for Video Sequences Considering Registration Error

Omer, O.J. Co Author Listing * Descriptor Scoring for Feature Selection in Real-Time Visual SLAM
* Motion Estimation from Motion Smear: A System Identification Approach
* Segment-Fusion: Hierarchical Context Fusion for Robust 3D Semantic Segmentation
Includes: Omer, O.J. Omer, O.J.[Om Ji]

Omercevic, D.[Dusan] Co Author Listing * High-Dimensional Feature Matching: Employing the Concept of Meaningful Nearest Neighbors
* Hyperlinking reality via camera phones
Includes: Omercevic, D.[Dusan] Omercevic, D.[Dušan]

Omero, P.[Paolo] Co Author Listing * Smart Resource-Aware Multi-Sensor Network
* Smart resource-aware multimedia sensor network for automatic detection of complex events
Includes: Omero, P.[Paolo] Omero, P.

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