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Olesen, A.V.[Arne Vestergaard] Co Author Listing * Airborne Gravity Data Denoising Based on Empirical Mode Decomposition: A Case Study for SGA-WZ Greenland Test Data
* New Results from Strapdown Airborne Gravimetry Using Temperature Stabilisation
Includes: Olesen, A.V.[Arne Vestergaard] Olesen, A.V.[Arne V.]

Olesen, D. Co Author Listing * Multistate Constrained Invariant Kalman Filter For Rolling Shutter Camera and IMU Calibration

Olesen, D.H.[Daniel H.] Co Author Listing * Characterization of Carrier Phase-Based Positioning in Real-World Jamming Conditions

Olesen, F.[Folke] Co Author Listing * Meteosat Land Surface Temperature Climate Data Record: Achievable Accuracy and Potential Uncertainties

Olesen, F.S.[Folke S.] Co Author Listing * All-Weather Land Surface Temperature Product Based on MSG/SEVIRI Observations, An
* Evaluation of GOES-R Land Surface Temperature Algorithm Using SEVIRI Satellite Retrievals with in Situ Measurements
* Long Term Validation of Land Surface Temperature Retrieved from MSG/SEVIRI with Continuous in-Situ Measurements in Africa
* Thermal Sampling Depth Correction Method for Land Surface Temperature Estimation From Satellite Passive Microwave Observation Over Barren Land, A
Includes: Olesen, F.S.[Folke S.] Olesen, F.S.[Folke-S.] Olesen, F.S.

Olesen, K.G. Co Author Listing * Causal probabilistic networks with both discrete and continuous variables
* Maximal Prime Subgraph Decomposition of Bayesian Networks

Olesen, L.[Lykke] Co Author Listing * Method and device for supervising the speed of an object

Olesen, O.V.[Oline V.] Co Author Listing * Brain Image Motion Correction: Impact of Incorrect Calibration and Noisy Tracking
* Correction of Motion Artifacts for Real-Time Structured Light
* List-Mode PET Motion Correction Using Markerless Head Tracking: Proof-of-Concept With Scans of Human Subject
* Motion Tracking for Medical Imaging: A Nonvisible Structured Light Tracking Approach
* Real Time Surface Registration for PET Motion Tracking
* SLStudio: Open-source framework for real-time structured light
Includes: Olesen, O.V.[Oline V.] Olesen, O.V.

Olesen, S.M.[Soren Maagaard] Co Author Listing * Real-time extraction of surface patches with associated uncertainties by means of Kinect cameras
Includes: Olesen, S.M.[Soren Maagaard] Olesen, S.M.[Søren Maagaard]

Olesk, A.[Aire] Co Author Listing * Interferometric SAR Coherence Models for Characterization of Hemiboreal Forests Using TanDEM-X Data
* KappaMask: AI-Based Cloudmask Processor for Sentinel-2

Oleskiw, T.D.[Timothy D.] Co Author Listing * On growth and formlets: Sparse multi-scale coding of planar shape

Oleson, M. Co Author Listing * Embedded surface classification in digital sports

Oleszczuk, R.[Rick] Co Author Listing * IKONOS satellite, imagery, and products

Oleszczyk, P. Co Author Listing * Spatio-Temporal Profiling of Public Transport Delays Based on Large-Scale Vehicle Positioning Data From GPS in Wroclaw

Oleszkiewicz, W.[Witold] Co Author Listing * Siamese Generative Adversarial Privatizer for Biometric Data

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