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Okubo, A.[Atsushi] Co Author Listing * Selective Acquisition of 3-D Information Enough for Finding Passable Free Spaces Using an Active Stereo Vision System

Okubo, K.[Kan] Co Author Listing * Accuracy Improvement for Depth from Small Irregular Camera Motions and Its Performance Evaluation
* Direct 3-D shape recovery from image sequence based on multi-scale Bayesian network
* Foreground Object Extraction Based on Interactive Color Saliency Map
* Image Modification Based on a Visual Saliency Map for Guiding Visual Attention
* Image Modification Based on Spatial Frequency Components for Visual Attention Retargeting
Includes: Okubo, K.[Kan] Okubo, K.[Kensuke]

Okubo, M. Co Author Listing * Lip Motion Capture and Its Application to 3-D Molding

Okubo, S.[Sakae] Co Author Listing * Hardware trials for verifying recommendation H.261 on p*64 kbit/s video codec
* MPEG-2 requirements, profiles and performance verification: Framework for developing a generic video coding standard
* Requirements for high quality video coding standards
* Video codec standardization in CCITT study group XV
* What does MPEG-4 mean to me

Okubo, T.[Toshihiro] Co Author Listing * Causal Analysis of Accuracy Obtained Using High-Resolution Global Forest Change Data to Identify Forest Loss in Small Forest Plots

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