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Oh, W.[Wonho] Co Author Listing * Image Thresholding by Indicator Kriging

Oh, W.G.[Weon Geun] Co Author Listing * Accelerating Local Feature Extraction Using Two Stage Feature Selection and Partial Gradient Computation
* analysis of the effect of different image preprocessing techniques on the performance of SURF: Speeded Up Robust Features, An
* Bag-of-features signature using invariant region descriptor for object retrieval
* Extensive analysis of feature selection for compact descriptor
* Face recognition using LBP for personal image management system and its analysis
* Fast text line detection by finding linear connected components on Canny edge image
* Image modeling system development for robust descriptor of environmental change
* Intensity comparison based compact descriptor for mobile visual search
* Method for recognizing multi-language printed documents using strokes and non-strokes of characters
* Model-based gait tracking method: A review of recent development gesture interaction
* Model-Based Matching Using Skewed Symmetry Information
* Recognizing Components of Handwritten Chinese Characters by Attributed Relational Graphs with Stable Features
* Robust Visual Identifier for Cropped Natural Photos
* Skeletonizing by compressed line adjacency graph in two directions
* Street searching service framework for navigation
* Study on performance of MPEG-7 visual descriptors for deformable object retrieval
* Very Fast Concentric Circle Partition-Based Replica Detection Method
Includes: Oh, W.G.[Weon Geun] Oh, W.G.[Weon-Geun] Oh, W.G.[Weon Gun] Oh, W.G.[Wean Geun] Oh, W.G.
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Oh, W.Y.[Wang Yuhl] Co Author Listing * Retinal Blood Vessel Caliber Estimation for Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography Images Based on 3D Superellipsoid Modeling
Includes: Oh, W.Y.[Wang Yuhl] Oh, W.Y.[Wang-Yuhl]

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