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Oda, A.[Ai] Co Author Listing * Thin Lens Based Camera Model for Depth Estimation from Blur and Translation by Zooming, A

Oda, F. Co Author Listing * Generation Of The 30 M-mesh Global Digital Surface Model By Alos Prism

Oda, H.[Hideto] Co Author Listing * Recent Results of Online Japanese Handwriting Recognition and Its Applications

Oda, K.[Kazuo] Co Author Listing * email: Oda, K.[Kazuo]: koda AT cs cmu edu
* Detection Of Slope Movement By Comparing Point Clouds Created by SFM Software
* Development of a Video-Rate Stereo Machine
* Image Labeling For Lidar Intensity Image Using K-nn Of Feature Obtained By Convolutional Neural Network
* Prediction of sweetness and amino acid content in soybean crops from hyperspectral imagery
* Qualification of Point Clouds Measured by SFM Software
* Quasi-five point algorithm with non-linear minimization
* Segmentation of LiDAR Intensity Using CNN Feature Based on Weighted Voting
* Stereo Machine for Video-Rate Dense Depth Mapping and Its New Applications, A
* Stereo Plane Matching Technique
* Video-Rate Z Keying: A New Method for Merging Images
Includes: Oda, K.[Kazuo] Oda, K. Oda, K.[Kunio]
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Oda, M.[Masahiro] Co Author Listing * Automated Ulcer Detection Method from CT Images for Computer Aided Diagnosis of Crohn's Disease
* Comparison of the deep-learning-based automated segmentation methods for the head sectioned images of the virtual Korean human project
* Motion Vector for Outlier Elimination in Feature Matching and Its Application in SLAM Based Laparoscopic Tracking
* Spatial-temporal Analysis Method of Plane Circuits Based on Two-Layer Cellular Neural Networks
* Structure Specific Atlas Generation and Its Application to Pancreas Segmentation from Contrasted Abdominal CT Volumes
* Synchronized Display of Virtual Colonoscopic Views in Supine and Prone CT Images
* Tracking Accuracy Evaluation of Electromagnetic Sensor-Based Colonoscope Tracking Method
* Video camera capable of automatic target tracking
Includes: Oda, M.[Masahiro] Oda, M. Oda, M.[Masayoshi] Oda, M.[Mayuko]
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Oda, O. Co Author Listing * 3D referencing for remote task assistance in augmented reality

Oda, T.[Takahiro] Co Author Listing * Iris code generating device and iris identifying system
* Method and apparatus for identifying an iris
* Photographing device, iris input device and iris image input method

Odagawa, S. Co Author Listing * Evaluation Of Wheat Growth Monitoring Methods Based On Hyperspectral Data Of Later Grain Filling And Heading Stages In Western Australia

Odagiri, J. Co Author Listing * novel blink detection system for user monitoring, A

Odagiri, M. Co Author Listing * Circle Detection Based on Arc Search Using a Table of Virtual Circle

Odaka, K. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Normalization of Handwritten Characters Using Global/Local Affine Transformation
* Form Processing Based on Background Region Analysis
* On-Line Cursive Kanji Character Recognition Using Stroke Based Affine Transformation
* On-Line Handwriting Recognition
* On-Line Recognition of Handwritten Characters by Approximating Each Stroke with Several Points
* Online Cursive Kanji Character Recognition Using Stroke Based Affine Transformation
* Prototype System for Interpreting Hand-Sketched Floor Plans, A
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Odake, T.[Takaaki] Co Author Listing * Optical vehicle detection system

Odako, K. Co Author Listing * Several Approaches to Development of On-Line Handwritten Character Input Equipment

Odamaki, M.[Makoto] Co Author Listing * Cambits: A Reconfigurable Camera System

Odashima, S.[Shigeyuki] Co Author Listing * Collective Activity Localization with Contextual Spatial Pyramid
* Consistent collective activity recognition with fully connected CRFs
* fully connected model for consistent collective activity recognition in videos, A
* Learning from Mistakes: Object Movement Classification by the Boosted Features
* Viewpoint Invariant Collective Activity Recognition with Relative Action Context

Odate, R.[Ryosuke] Co Author Listing * Fast and accurate candidate reduction using the multiclass LDA for Japanese/Chinese character recognition
* Highly-accurate fast candidate reduction method for Japanese/Chinese character recognition

Odawara, G. Co Author Listing * Integrated Visual System for Solder Inspection, An
* multiprocessor system for multiple image recognition: Application to automatic routing system, A

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