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Noda, C.[Chosaku] Co Author Listing * Channel coding scheme for in HDTV digital VCR

Noda, H.[Hideyuki] Co Author Listing * Acceleration of DCT Processing with Massive-Parallel Memory-Embedded SIMD Matrix Processor
* Adaptive speaker identification using sequential probability ratio test
* Application of bit-plane decomposition steganography to JPEG2000 encoded images
* Application of bit-plane decomposition steganography to wavelet encoded images
* Application of BPCS steganography to wavelet compressed video
* Application of Complexity Measure to Reversible Information Hiding
* Application of QIM with Dead Zone for Histogram Preserving JPEG Steganography
* application of Sparse Code Shrinkage to image steganalysis based on supervised learning, An
* attack to BPCS-steganography using complexity histogram and countermeasure, An
* Blind Restoration of Degraded Binary Markov Random-Field Images
* BPCS steganography using EZW lossy compressed images
* colorization algorithm based on local MAP estimation, A
* Colorization in YCbCr color space and its application to JPEG images
* Colorization in YCbCr Space and its Application to Improve Quality of JPEG Color Images
* High capacity and secure digital steganography to palette-based images
* High-performance JPEG steganography using quantization index modulation in DCT domain
* Image Embedding in Image by a Complexity Based Region Segmentation Method, An
* Improvement of JPEG Compression Efficiency Using Information Hiding and Image Restoration
* Local MAP estimation for quality improvement of compressed color images
* Luminance quasi-preserving color quantization for digital steganography to palette-based images
* MRF Model-Based Method for Unsupervised Textured Image Segmentation, An
* MRF-based texture segmentation using wavelet decomposed images
* Real-Time Huffman Encoder with Pipelined CAM-Based Data Path and Code-Word-Table Optimizer
* Reversible data hiding of full color JPEG2000 compressed bit-stream preserving bit-depth information
* Simple and Efficient Colorization in YCbCr Color Space
* Study on Visual Attack to BPCS-Steganography and Countermeasure, A
* Texture classification based on Markov modeling in wavelet feature space
* Textured Image Segmentation Using MRF in Wavelet Domain
* Vegetation Index to Estimate Terrestrial Gross Primary Production Capacity for the Global Change Observation Mission-Climate (GCOM-C)/Second-Generation Global Imager (SGLI) Satellite Sensor, A
Includes: Noda, H.[Hideyuki] Noda, H. Noda, H.[Hideki]
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Noda, I.[Itsuki] Co Author Listing * Overview of RoboCup-98

Noda, K.[Keiichi] Co Author Listing * Detection of Wilt by Analyzing Color and Stereo Vision Data of Plant
* Electronic endoscope system for shape measurement
Includes: Noda, K.[Keiichi] Noda, K.

Noda, M.[Masafumi] Co Author Listing * Recognition of Road Markings from In-Vehicle Camera Images by a Generative Learning Method
* Vehicle Ego-Localization by Matching In-Vehicle Camera Images to an Aerial Image

Noda, S. Co Author Listing * Geological Mapping By Combining Spectral Unmixing And Cluster Analysis For Hyperspectral Data

Noda, T.[Tsugio] Co Author Listing * Document image data storing and controlling system for saving storage data
* High speed and continuous 3-D measurement system
* High-Speed and Continuous 3D Measurement System, A
* Image data encoding method and device, image data reconstructing method and device, scene change detecting method and device, scene change recording device, and image data scene change record/regenerating device
* Implantable Microimaging Device for Observing Brain Activities of Rodents
* Learning assistive strategies for exoskeleton robots from user-robot physical interaction
Includes: Noda, T.[Tsugio] Noda, T. Noda, T.[Tomoyuki]

Noda, Y. Co Author Listing * Location-Based Infrastructure Inspection for Sabo Facilities

Nodari, A.[Angelo] Co Author Listing * Digital privacy: Replacing pedestrians from Google Street View images
* GAS meter reading from real world images using a multi-net system
* Multi-net System Configuration for Visual Object Segmentation by Error Backpropagation
* Visual Attribute Extraction Using Human Pose Estimation

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