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Niwa, A.[Akimasa] Co Author Listing * Moving body detecting apparatus

Niwa, H.[Hideyuki] Co Author Listing * Development of a Monitoring Method Using UAVs That Can Detect the Occurrence of Bark Stripping by Deer
* Suitable LiDAR Platform for Measuring the 3D Structure of Mangrove Forests

Niwa, K.[Kenta] Co Author Listing * Bilateral Video Magnification Filter
* Efficient Audio Rendering Using Angular Region-Wise Source Enhancement for 360 Video
* Lookahead Diffusion Probabilistic Models for Refining Mean Estimation
Includes: Niwa, K.[Kenta] Niwa, K.

Niwa, R.[Ryogo] Co Author Listing * Live Demonstration: Event-based Visual Microphone

Niwa, Y. Co Author Listing * Acquisition of three-dimensional information in a real environment by using the Stereo Omni-directional System (SOS)
* Comparison of Local Plane Fitting Methods for Range Data
* Control of Home Appliances Using Face and Hand Sign Recognition
* Device for focus detection or distance detection
* Druide: a real-time system for robust multiple face detection, tracking and hand posture recognition in color video sequences
* Estimation of human motion from multiple cameras for gesture recognition
* Face and head detection for a real-time surveillance system
* Focus of attention for face and hand gesture recognition using multiple cameras
* Logical structure analysis of book document images using contents information
* Moving object detection with mobile stereo omni-directional system (SOS) based on motion compensatory inter-frame depth subtraction
* Multi-lens imaging apparatus having a mechanism for combining a plurality of images without displacement of registration
* Real-time face and head detection using four directional features
* Robust event detection by radial reach filter (RRF)
* Robust face detection and hand posture recognition in color images for human-machine interaction
* Robust Face Detection and Japanese Sign Language Hand Posture Recognition for Human-Computer Interaction in an Intelligent Room
* Slant estimation for active vision using edge directions in omni-directional images
Includes: Niwa, Y. Niwa, Y.[Yoshinori] Niwa, Y.[Yukichi]
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Niwano, M.[Masashi] Co Author Listing * Determination of the Snow Optical Grain Diameter and Snowmelt Area on the Greenland Ice Sheet Using Spaceborne Optical Observations, The
* Retrieval of Snow Properties from the Sentinel-3 Ocean and Land Colour Instrument

Niwarthana, A.[Amashi] Co Author Listing * HPGNN: Using Hierarchical Graph Neural Networks for Outdoor Point Cloud Processing

Niwas S, I.[Issac] Co Author Listing * Visual Structural Degradation Based Reduced-Reference Image Quality Assessment

Niwayama, R.[Ritsuya] Co Author Listing * 3D level set method for blastomere segmentation of preimplantation embryos in fluorescence microscopy images

Niwayama, T.[Tomoyuki] Co Author Listing * Motion Analysis of Traditional Dances and Its Applications

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