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Nicchiotti, G. Co Author Listing * Crisp and Fuzzy Evaluations and D.P. Algorithms for Dealing with Extra Ink in Cursive Handwriting Recognition
* general and flexible deskewing method based on generalized projection, A
* Multiresolution image registration
* Wavelet Based Image Watermarking for Copyright Protection
Includes: Nicchiotti, G. Nicchiotti, G.[Gianluca]

Niccolini, M. Co Author Listing * Case Study of the Application of Hand-held Mobile Laser Scanning In The Planning of An Italian Forest (alpe Di Catenaia, Tuscany), A
* Wide-angle and long-range real time pose estimation: A comparison between monocular and stereo vision systems
Includes: Niccolini, M. Niccolini, M.[Marta]

Niccolini, S. Co Author Listing * Unravelling the Impact of Temporal and Geographical Locality in Content Caching Systems
* Vocabulary for Growth: Topic Modeling of Content Popularity Evolution, A

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