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Ni, L. Co Author Listing * Robust Gait Recognition by Integrating Inertial and RGBD Sensors

Ni, L.H.[Li Hao] Co Author Listing * Local Pattern Collocations Using Regional Co-occurrence Factorization
Includes: Ni, L.H.[Li Hao] Ni, L.H.[Li-Hao]

Ni, L.M. Co Author Listing * AntMapper: An Ant Colony-Based Map Matching Approach for Trajectory-Based Applications
* Fast Discrimination Between Homogeneous and Textured Regions
* Novel Scheme Based on the Diffusion to Edge Detection, A
* Parallel Algorithms for Image Template Matching on Hypercube SIMD Computers
* Scalable Online Convolutional Sparse Coding
* Tracking Mobile Users in Wireless Networks via Semi-Supervised Colocalization
* VAIT: A Visual Analytics System for Metropolitan Transportation
* Wi-Counter: Smartphone-Based People Counter Using Crowdsourced Wi-Fi Signal Data
Includes: Ni, L.M. Ni, L.M.[Lionel M.]
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