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Nguan, C.Y. Co Author Listing * Registration of 3D Ultrasound Through an Air-Tissue Boundary
* Tissue Tracking and Registration for Image-Guided Surgery

Nguang, S.K.[Sing Kiong] Co Author Listing * Disturbance attenuation for a class of uncertain polynomial discrete-time systems: An integrator approach
* Location-based data delivery between vehicles and infrastructure
* Nonlinear robust state feedback control of uncertain polynomial discrete-time systems: An integral action approach
* Robust H-inf state feedback control of networked control systems with congestion control
* Robust video tracking algorithm: a multi-feature fusion approach

Nguatem, W. Co Author Listing * Automatic Generation Of Building Models With Levels Of Detail 1-3
* Contiguous Patch Segmentation in Pointclouds
* Finding Cuboid-based Building Models In Point Clouds
* Modeling Urban Scenes from Pointclouds
Includes: Nguatem, W. Nguatem, W.[William]

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