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Ng, A.[Andrew] Co Author Listing * Discriminative Learning of Markov Random Fields for Segmentation of 3D Scan Data
* Integrating Visual and Range Data for Robotic Object Detection

Ng, A.C.K. Co Author Listing * new fast motion estimation algorithm based on search window sub-sampling and object boundary pixel block matching, A

Ng, A.H. Co Author Listing * Phase Unwrapping for Very Large Interferometric Data Sets

Ng, A.H.M.[Alex Hay Man] Co Author Listing * InSAR Reveals Land Deformation at Guangzhou and Foshan, China between 2011 and 2017 with COSMO-SkyMed Data
* Subsidence Monitoring over the Southern Coalfield, Australia Using both L-Band and C-Band SAR Time Series Analysis
* Urban Monitoring Using Persistent Scatterer InSAR and Photogrammetry
Includes: Ng, A.H.M.[Alex Hay Man] Ng, A.H.M.[Alex Hay-Man]

Ng, A.K.T.[Adrian K.T.] Co Author Listing * Depth Perception in Virtual Environment: The Effects of Immersive System and Freedom of Movement
* low-cost lighthouse-based virtual reality head tracking system, A
Includes: Ng, A.K.T.[Adrian K.T.] Ng, A.K.T.

Ng, A.L.M. Co Author Listing * Properties, implementations and applications of rank filters

Ng, A.N.Y.[Ada N.Y.] Co Author Listing * Reference-free Machine Vision Inspection Of Semiconductor Die Images

Ng, A.Y Co Author Listing * Dynamic Bayesian Network Model for Autonomous 3D Reconstruction from a Single Indoor Image, A

Ng, A.Y.[Andrew Y.] Co Author Listing * 3-D Depth Reconstruction from a Single Still Image
* 3-D Reconstruction from Sparse Views using Monocular Vision
* Building high-level features using large scale unsupervised learning
* End-to-End People Detection in Crowded Scenes
* End-to-end text recognition with convolutional neural networks
* ICA with Reconstruction Cost for Efficient Overcomplete Feature Learning
* Learning 3-D Scene Structure from a Single Still Image
* Learning hierarchical invariant spatio-temporal features for action recognition with independent subspace analysis
* Make3D: Learning 3D Scene Structure from a Single Still Image
* Steiner tree approach to efficient object detection, A
* Text Detection and Character Recognition in Scene Images with Unsupervised Feature Learning
* Unsupervised Deep Learning Applied to Breast Density Segmentation and Mammographic Risk Scoring
Includes: Ng, A.Y.[Andrew Y.] Ng, A.Y.
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