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Navia Vazquez, A. Co Author Listing * Growing support vector classifiers with controlled complexity
* New Spread Spectrum Watermarking Method with Self-synchronization Capabilities, A
* Training Support Vector Machines with privacy-protected data
Includes: Navia Vazquez, A. Navia-Vázquez, A. Navia-Vazquez, A. Navia-Vázquez, Á.[Ángel]

Navid, H.[Hossein] Co Author Listing * Comparative Approach of Fuzzy Object Based Image Analysis and Machine Learning Techniques Which Are Applied to Crop Residue Cover Mapping by Using Sentinel-2 Satellite and UAV Imagery, A
* Fuzzy Object-Based Image Analysis Methods Using Sentinel-2A and Landsat-8 Data to Map and Characterize Soil Surface Residue

Navidi, M.N.[Mir Naser] Co Author Listing * Mapping Climate Zones of Iran Using Hybrid Interpolation Methods

Navidi, N. Co Author Listing * New Survey on Self-Tuning Integrated Low-Cost GPS/INS Vehicle Navigation System in Harsh Environment, A

Navigli, R.[Roberto] Co Author Listing * Experimental Study of Graph Connectivity for Unsupervised Word Sense Disambiguation, An
* From senses to texts: An all-in-one graph-based approach for measuring semantic similarity
* Ontodoc: An Ontology-Based Query System for Digital Libraries
* Semantic-Based System for Querying Personal Digital Libraries, A
* Structural Semantic Interconnections: A Knowledge-Based Approach to Word Sense Disambiguation
Includes: Navigli, R.[Roberto] Navigli, R.

Naviner, L.[Lirida] Co Author Listing * Minconvnets: a New Class of Multiplication-Less Neural Networks

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