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Na, Y. Co Author Listing * Cross Array and Rank-1 MUSIC Algorithm for Acoustic Highway Lane Detection
* Guided filter-based images fusion algorithm for CT and MRI medical images
* Performance evaluation of back-projection and range migration algorithms in foliage penetration radar imaging
Includes: Na, Y. Na, Y.[Yan] Na, Y.[Yibo]

Na, Y.K.[Yoon Kyoon] Co Author Listing * Extraction of major object features using VQ clustering for content-based image retrieval
Includes: Na, Y.K.[Yoon Kyoon] Na, Y.K.[Yoon-Kyoon]

Na, Y.N.[Yi Nan] Co Author Listing * Multiscale Gabor Wavelet for Shoeprint Image Retrieval
Includes: Na, Y.N.[Yi Nan] Na, Y.N.[Yi-Nan]

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