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Mu, T. Co Author Listing * Context-Aware and Energy-Driven Route Optimization for Fully Electric Vehicles via Crowdsourcing
* Efficient Representation-Based Subspace Clustering Framework for Polarized Hyperspectral Images, An
* Heterogeneous Delay Embedding for Travel Time and Energy Cost Prediction Via Regression Analysis
* Interpretable Deep Architecture for Similarity Learning Built Upon Hierarchical Concepts, An
* Multiclass Classification Based on Extended Support Vector Data Description
Includes: Mu, T. Mu, T.[Tingkui]

Mu, T.J.[Tai Jiang] Co Author Listing * response time model for abrupt changes in binocular disparity, A
* S4Net: Single Stage Salient-Instance Segmentation
* Stereoscopic image completion and depth recovery
Includes: Mu, T.J.[Tai Jiang] Mu, T.J.[Tai-Jiang]

Mu, T.T.[Ting Ting] Co Author Listing * Automatic Generation of Co-Embeddings from Relational Data with Adaptive Shaping
* Circular object arrangement using spherical embeddings
* Cohort-based kernel visualisation with scatter matrices
* Computation of heterogeneous object co-embeddings from relational measurements
* Data Visualization with Structural Control of Global Cohort and Local Data Neighborhoods
* Image Taken Place Estimation via Geometric Constrained Spatial Layer Matching
* New Measure for Analyzing and Fusing Sequences of Objects, A
* Prototype reduction based on Direct Weighted Pruning
* Proximity-Based Frameworks for Generating Embeddings from Multi-Output Data
* Stochastic Multiview Hashing for Large-Scale Near-Duplicate Video Retrieval
* Topic driven multimodal similarity learning with multi-view voted convolutional features
* Unsupervised t-Distributed Video Hashing and Its Deep Hashing Extension
Includes: Mu, T.T.[Ting Ting] Mu, T.T.[Ting-Ting] Mu, T.T.
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